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Infection Control Plus prides itself on offering high quality unique, customized solutions to our customers all around the world. Our fees are competitive and reflective of the current market norms. Our final quotations are based on customer preference for either a fixed-price contract, a retainer-based longer-term arrangement or once-off project work. We willingly negotiate and offer attractive discounts for long-term, extensive projects and for repeat, high volume customers. Unless otherwise stated a 10% goods and services tax is added for Australian purchasers of our services. Internationally based clients are excluded from the GST tax.

Infection Control Plus Services
Infection Control Plus Services

Solutions offered by Infection Control Plus

  • Advising clients of emerging market trends and needs in global, regional and domestic infection prevention and patient safety public policy.

  • Client advocacy.

  • Assisting in product and value-added conceptualisation, design, development, launch, implementation and defence.

  • Facilitating market research.

  • Identifying and coaching future key opinion leaders.

  • Identifying, reviewing, interpreting and aligning scientific, and professional trends to opportunities for clients with particular focus on antimicrobial resistance, environmental hygiene, hand antisepsis, healthcare worker safety, infusion-related clinical practice, use of invasive devices, personal protective equipment and sterilisation / disinfection.

  • Participation in strategic and marketing activities.

  • Assisting clients with social media.

  • Providing unique insights into opportunities through healthcare associated infection forecasting.

  • Providing peer-to-peer support and direction to clients seeking to improve their local infection prevention offerings and activities to world-class standard through evaluation and implementation of new approaches, strategies and products.

  • Providing training/education to clients in multiple settings regarding clinical, professional and product-specific aspects of infection control.

  • Scanning, reviewing and distilling scientific material and new findings for distillation to marketing teams.

  • Speaking publicly and with authority as an infection prevention/ patient safety expert.

  • Designing, undertaking, analysing and reporting on HAI market research.

  • Writing expert commentary, opinion pieces, abstracts targetting global infection control and infectious disease audiences.

  • Delivering training workshops on national, regional and global infection prevention trends.

  • Interrogating relationships between client offerings and improved HAI diagnosis and treatment.

  • Interrogating relationship between client offerings and adherence to relevant local, state, national or international infection control guidelines, legislature, accreditation requirements and/or policy.

  • Facilitating local application of research and economic modelling by providing summary information from relevant scientific peer-reviewed literature and suggested methodologies and templates for performing cost studies, economic analysis, interpretation, reporting and influencing decision makers; and

  • Facilitating locally based research by providing templates of specific research design, and assistance with data analysis, interpretation and reporting.

  • Assisting clients with submissions to government and other relevant regulatory agencies or instruments of enquiry.

  • Providing knowledge based, factual and practical solutions to infection control professionals and relevant clinicians.

  • Providing simple and unique educational and practical solutions to HAI monitoring and optimizing clinical decision making such as insertion of invasive devices, donning of appropriate protective apparel, safer use, handling and disposal of sharps, isolating patients or selecting appropriate methods of reprocessing.

  • Providing unique opportunities for technicians involved in reprocessing.

  • Specialized 1:1 infection prevention tutoring/mentoring.

  • Strengthening client knowledge of modern infection prevention and control efforts and understanding of the Infection Control Professional’s role and function.

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