Why Now?: My Candicacy For ACIPC Leadership

Infection prevention and control is a wonderful field in which to work. It is demanding, unpredictable and very often life-saving. For more than 30 years I have worked continuously in this field and in most of those years I have undertaken voluntary roles as a leader of our professional associations here in Australia and in the United States. I have also served on the editorial boards and as a reviewer for the then Australian infection control journal and for more than a decade with the American Journal of Infection Control. I have also been the recipient of the highest professional honours for infection control from APIC and also from the then AICA. Following nomination by my peers in the late 1990s, I am an honorary Life Member of ACIPC.  Having excelled in the field I have been recently asked “why would you consider running for the ACIPC Board at this stage of your working life, haven’t you had enough?”

ACIPC is Australia’s peak body for infection prevention and under a progressive series of Boards it has grown from the 2012 amalgamation of state and territory communities previously joined under the auspices of AICA. Under the leadership of  highly committed Boards of Directors and senior leadership, ACIPC and its members have arguably fulfilled their initial set of strategic intentions. Regardless, there are many challenges for our profession ahead which will require the presence of mature, strategic and well-experienced global leaders on the ACIPC Board. These challenges include increased advocacy for healthcare consumers, maintaining relevance of ACIPC’s offerings, representation and responses for its grass roots membership.

Organisational theory reminds us that all organisations transition through various phases of a life cycle. These transitions can be disruptive and result in stagnation. To minimise the impact of these transitions and remain nimble and capable of responding to changing conditions an organisation requires strong leadership. It’s my hope that the ACIPC membership support my candidacy for the ACIPC Board and for the position of President-elect. In either role I commit to assisting the Board and paid ACIPC staff to administer ACIPC’s activities and perform all duties necessary for the successful execution of ACIPC’s mission. I also commit to seeking consensus of the Board, calling for transparency and disclosure of conflicts of interest among the Board and its Committees, and supporting the ACIPC President in their work as the organizational representative. Additionally I commit to remaining loyal to ACIPC and its members throughout and beyond the term(s) of my service and Life membership.

By nominating for the position of ACIPC President Elect I am again commit to serving the Australian infection prevention and control community by continuing to respect and celebrate ACIPC’s rich history, the legacies of its previous leaders and the consolidation of its bright future. Most importantly, through cautious leadership and thoughtful succession planning I will endeavour to use all of my previous leadership experiences to ensure the ACIPC organization, its Board and its staff continue to understand and meet the many needs of its current and future members.

If you would like to discuss any of the issues raised in this post or others please contact me by completing the form at the end of this post.

I also wish my fellow candidates, and in particular Dr Phil Russo PhD, good luck in their quests for election or re-election to the position of ACIPC Board member or in Phil’s case, ACIPC President-elect. Please show your support for ACIPC by casting your vote before COB on 14th November, 2017.






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