2018 – A Year To Remember (or Forget) in Australian Infection Prevention and Control?

As 2018 closes it's time to review what the year meant. What were its highlights, its low points and the achievements it delivered? As an experienced infection control and prevention professional (ICP) I  like to look back on the year that was. This short [...]

Credentialing – should you, can you?

In my 1999 PhD I recommended that the Australian infection control profession needed a clear-cut pathway to increase the credibility and viability of our profession. My recommendations included a call for system of credentialing, recognition of expertise, adoption of divergent roles, and improved networking.[i] Since 2000 the national [...]

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Mandatory Legislation for Sharps Safety: A first step

On Monday 24th June 2013 in the Federation Chamber of the Australian Federal Parliament the Australian public were treated to sensible bipartisian behaviour and good reason from twelve Members supporting Coalition MP Dr Mal Washer’s last private member motion and the first ever to [...]

Using signs to improve Infection Prevention: Do they work?

For more than twenty years1 hospitals have used signs to guide staff and visitors on how to avoid exposure to various infections. Signs located immediately outside a patient’s room are commonly used to indicate specific measures needed before entering2. In the general community signs [...]

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